Stressed about your essay? Let the experts help!

Writing is hard, but Rooster Proofreading can help. Your document will receive the individual attention of an editor who will

  • fix grammatical errors
  • improve style
  • enhance clarity.

Your editor will be

  • a native English speaker
  • with a PhD degree
  • an expert in the English language
  • with years of editing experience.

A British company with an international outlook

Founded by a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Rooster Proofreading is based in the UK but has a global reach. We can ensure your document conforms to the conventions of either British or American English.

And we can pay attention to language aspects you’d like us to focus on. For instance,

  • Have you been told that your writing is too informal? Your editor will suggest alternative wording and sentence structure to make your writing sound more academic.
  • Does your word choice tend to be repetitive? Your editor will suggest changes to avoid repetition and make your writing more stylish.
  • Do you have trouble writing concisely? Your editor will eliminate wordiness and help you to express yourself clearly.

Whatever the issue, mention it on the order form, and your editor will ensure that improvements are made to fix these problems!

A rapid service, offering quality and value for your money

You can get a quote right now by simply entering the word count of your document and choosing how quickly you would like it to be returned to you. If you have any questions, we’re happy to chat!